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Friends, in today’s sister-in-law’s post, I have brought a different photo editing for you guys, which is very cool photo editing, although this photo editing has gone a long way

snapseed orange background photo editing

today I will teach you in such an easy way as no one has yet. I have not taught you, if you want to learn, then read the post completely and at the same time if you like this post, then definitely like and comment also.

orange photo editing light arejest

We are going to do this photo editing with the help of two snapseed applications, so friends, to run this photo, first you have to open the snapseed application, after that you

have to see your photo that how is the brightness of your photo if your If the brightness of the photo is not correctly then an option is given to the tool image, you can easily adjust it by going to that option

orange photo editing color arejest

  • now friends, you have to see what is the color of the face
  • if you then your face If the color is black, then you have been given
  • select tool, with the help of what is, you can doll up
  • the color of your face, as how to make you whit
  • let me tell you in a proven
  • way, you can come with a pencil.

After that, friends are increasing its brightness, now you can see it automatically from here, by the way, if the contrast in your photo is high, then explain with the help of this year, its photo will show a little brightness

Friends, now you have to change the background color, then for this I will give you a period, with the help of that you can change the color of the background only in one click, as I have told all of you that in this application, you can change the photo a little

snapseed orenge ptoto background change

Edit this is to transfer it, in God of Letter from the idea in the application, you have to click in it and click in 3dot in a simple way, friends and do not have to do anything other than this then you will see a copy setting option, you will see this page You have to copy the setting and come back, then we edited the photo in the Snapseed applicatiog

now in this application, from here you have to click on 3dot again and copy and paste the photo in the Snapseed application that was edited. Give it this that the color of the background will change in the photo one click and editing will be done well

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