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Hello friends welcome again to my website and name photo editing today’s post and I am going to teach you dark brown and butterfly concept photo editing, we are going to learn this photo editing with the help of lightroom and pics art if you have to learn If so, read the post completely, so let’s start the posts with this.

how to moddy brown lightroom photo editing

Friends, to do this photo editing, first of all you have to add effects to your pictures, for that you have to open the Adobe Lightroom application, now from here you have to open this picture in the application in a simple way.

Now from here you will see a light bridge, then out of that is the brightness of your photo, you can set it accordingly

lightroom new photo editing 1
lightroom backround
  • Now friends from here, you have to color chat the photo
  • , for that you can simply click on the color tone,
  • now friends from here you will see 8 colors, then first you have to whiten the face
  • , then select the orange color and its Increase the last option,
  • this will make the face color of your face fair and the darkness will be completely removed.

lightroom color arejest moddy brown

Friends, now to change the color of the background, select the green color, after selecting the green color, friends simply change the color of the topmost hui, this makes editing the background color very easy and in seeing the photo. Looks very cool, you have to use more colors at the same time so that the quality of the photo looks cool or your photo looks like editing like photoshop

lightroom best photo editing tutorial

Friends, it is necessary to do this, now it is very important to give a photo not even a lion, now you have to give effect to furnishing, then you must be thinking in your mind that how to give effect, then let us tell you friends, it is very easy to give effect which is You are always given features in this

For that, you have to come to the effect option in a simple way, here friends, you will see a lot of options, then first of all, increase the carity option and make the photo better by giving the vintage effect in the right side, so that friends Your photo will look cool and second photo appears in HD quality

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