snapseed red editing

red and black photo editing

Friends, first of all, you have to open the snapseed application to do this photo editing, after that you will see the tool bar, then we will tell you the same tour with the help of which red and black background photo editing can be done, then friends you must use this tool.

If we do, first of all we will make the background color of the photo black, so let’s follow that step.
Click on the pencil icon

remove effect black background

Then the automatic background color will turn black, after that you have to remove the effect in the face, then right then click on edit view in a simple way, after doing this friends you have to click on the pencil icon again, then you plus Click on hundred academy and you can do background metro, in this way your photo background will be black color

red background colour photo editing

  • Now you guys have to use double exposure to
  • place and adjust the color properly, after taking
  • it tomorrow you will see the option of active image, click on this account friends,
  • after clicking it in the ear, now the gallery will
  • open Then you have to select a red color background, after selecting you

Friends, after this four options will appear, then out of them you have to select the dark effect, then the background of your photo will become dark and red, kick as I have told you, how is the effect in the face, how is it on the room. In the same process, you can easily remove the effect in the face.

Dark Red Photo Editing To Whiten Face Color

For this, friends, you have to click on the pencil icon again and you will see a tool, select you tool and your face color is fair, friends have to click on it, after clicking you have to down this screen. If you do now then the color of the face will be fair and if you do the town, then the color of the face will be black, then friends, you have to do it now, then in this way you can easily make the color of the face fair


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