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Hey Guys how are you all hope you will be good In today’s post I am going to teach blue photo editing to you guys in just two appstate which is very cool photo editing if you learn that photo editing then You can post on Instagram or Facebook by editing your posts in the best way, if you want to learn then read the post photo editing

How to Edit Snapseed Blue Background Photo

Friends, for this, you have to first select a photo which you want to edit, after that in a simple way, you all know that this app seat is found in the play store and it is a free application, so you have to do this in this application. You have to open the photo, after that friends, you have to click on the pencil icon, after blue photo editing

clicking, I will tell you the name of an effect that you have to apply in a simple way in your photo and follow those tips which are It is very easy, the name of this effect is black and white, which is found in the tools, after clicking on it, it is applied automatically

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How to remove the effect on the face

For this, you have to right and come to the home page, a box like icon will appear at the top of the cheat, you have to click in its ear, now you will see an option of this option, you have to click on this option, then friends, you will see the black The lift is lying in the face, you can easily remove it

How to give blue background effect

To give blue background effect, I will tell you such 2 minutes which is very cool matter and with the help of thak, there is a blue background of hundred percent photo editing

  • Our first way is looking at blue, which is very easy,
  • first of all remember before giving blue background effect, give black tone
  • effect like I have already told you above, now you have to click on the pencil
  • icon after that You will see a tool of tune image, you have to click
  • on this tool and then come to the last, after that a want option will appear,
  • move it full hundred, from here the automatic blue fact will come
  • as I tell you all. I have learned that how to remove the effect,
  • you can remove the blue effect in the face by following the same stokes.
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blue photo editing

Now our second method is very good, very easy way to do blue background, you will see the tools by getting one done, either click on it, four to five colors will appear inside the stool, then you have to select the

blue color one, now its object is Rashmi. You have to pull downwards and upwards, then after doing this and the meeting blue fact will come in your photo, then you can remove this blue photo editing

as I have told you by following the same states, I have told you you will get the same states You can remove by following

Friends, in this way you can do blue background photo editing in 2 steps.


If you get to learn something from this money, then definitely comment and if you want a poster like you or you don’t want a photo, then comment even if today’s post was the same, let’s see bye bye till then

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